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  • HOLIDAY studio closing July 1-8

  • Handmade with ❤️ + attention to detail in NYC.

  • Inspired by the stylist women that wear it.

Size Guide

our famous pebble pearls

Which Size is Right For You?


Baby Pebble Pearl

Light, petite, and barely there. Our baby pebbles are the best option for multiple earring wearers, subtle jewelry lovers, or any one looking for the lightest feel. 


Medium Pebble Pearl

These lovelies are our true best seller. Our mediums are the perfect balance of statement with sophistication. You'll find this style versatile., easy, and effortless. 


Large Pebble Pearl

Big and bold. These pebble pearls aren't overpowering but they won't go unnoticed. We love these pebbles because they are a statement - they stand out in any layered accessory look.