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  • I just love my new pebble earrings! They were on my jewelry bucket list.

    Juanita S.

  • Omg Catherine. Your ears must have been ringing yesterday! My mom now follows you on Instagram (after I gave her the baroque pearl earrings for her birthday) and was not so subtly commenting on how much she loved your rainbow necklace - so here I am back for round two!

    Claire D.

  • I have been wearing your earrings for years. The design is flawless and perfect. I love the earrings they are a staple I have given them as so many gifts. I cannot even tell you!

    Susan N.

  • Gorgeous! Looking forward to wearing these constantly!

    Gillian G.

  • Bought these for myself and love them! Ordering these as a gift for my friend.

    Susan F.



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