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  • Handmade with ❤️ + attention to detail in NYC.

  • Inspired by the stylist women that wear it.

  • F R E E shipping


How do you make this?  Carefully. Next question.  

How did you start making jewelry?

I’ve always loved glitter and glamour, life in the fast lane. I spent so much time designing jewelry for other designers and looking for the jewelry I now design, I simply decided to start making it. Working for yourself and creating what you love is simply >. The pebble pearls have and will always be the soul of my line. After the first round of those bad girls - the rest was history!

Are these pearls real?

Pearls but >. These signature pebble pearls are a hand crafted composite: mother of pearl shell is crushed, formed into the pebble shape, then lacquered and polished 18 times (we counted) to draw out the shell’s luster and hue. We wanted to deliver the look of pearl without the quick degradation.

What type of metal is used?

The fabulous kinds of course. We hand craft the collection in:
  • Classic, polished 14 karat gold over brass
  • 925 solid sterling silver with high polish finish
  • Anti-tarnish silver plated brass
Please note our gold plating is to the industry standard of 5mils.
Will your earrings irritate my ears? 
Our pebble pearl ear wires are gold-plated brass. If you have sensitive ears, try any of our post versions made with surgical steel posts paired with hypoallergenic rubber ear stoppers - because we hate sore itchy ears and we know you ladies do too. 

Can I mix gold and silver? LOVE this question. A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. The diamond dealers of the world want you to think your white gold ring doesn’t match your yellow gold earrings but girlfriend, silver and yellow were made for each other. Mix and match your heart away. 

Why are pearls always “in”?

As Chanel would say, “A girl should be two thing: classy and fabulous.” And if a pearl isn’t both those things, we don’t know what is. Maybe that’s why Chanel peppered in so many pearls… 


Can I get it wet? Can you? Yes. Should you? No. 

What inspires you? 100% true and also obligatory mom answer: my son and my doggy. Oh also anything equestrian, vintage, clean lines, and all the hard working women out there making it happen. 

Shipping and Returns

This all comes from experience ladies. 
  • Orders typically ship within 1-7 days after receipt of order (we really aim for closer to 1-3 but cannot guarantee) 
  • Return for full credit within 7 days of receipt. We do NOT provide return shipping.
  • Merchandise exchange within 2 weeks of receipt. We do NOT provide shipping labels for exchange.
  • Final sale after 2 weeks. 

Repairs / damage down the road

If any of our precious pieces are worn and show damage - we want to help resuscitate your Canino piece as much as you do! All requests must be submitted via email to along with a photo. Estimate for cost of repair will be emailed back to you, and are at our discretion. Sometimes ladies, there is not a whole lot we can do to fix a piece. Repairs take 2-4 weeks and you are responsible for shipping. We want our pieces to last a long time but, unfortunately, they won’t last forever. 
We are not responsible for damages due to excessive wear/abuse. So love your pieces generously and be sure to tuck them in at night in a nice velvety pouch. 

I’ve lost a single Canino earring - poop!

We get emailed this quite a bit. Ladies, half pair earring replacements are available at 50% of the full pair price, you are responsible for shipping charges. If you had two pairs of pebbles, you could wear them mismatched … just throwing that out there …