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  • Handmade with ❤️ + attention to detail in NYC.

  • Inspired by the stylist women that wear it.

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About Catherine Canino


I've been designing jewelry since my first gorgeous pasta and yarn necklace at a kitchen table in Connecticut, 1972.
I've always possessed an insatiable obsession with fashion and design which led to a fancy art school education. Once graduated, reality settled in followed by gritty jewelry factory work and industry design gigs. It wasn't my favorite. 

The brand began in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with a slightly illegal torch, a tumbler, and many late nights of hand crafting each piece.
We pull inspiration from the darn beautiful world we live in. In particular, because we do play favorites: antique jewelry, equestrian tack, nautical hardware, and vintage magazines. Our favorite stone dealer and leather tannery are the source of seasonal color palettes.

Most inspiring though, are the stylish women of all ages that wear our pieces with personal adaptation.

After inspiration strikes, it is time to get our hands dirty. Master model work occurs via the Rhino program, with revisions at the jeweler’s bench. We model and mold all of our own hardware.

Somethings we've learned we need at work: 
• Daily caffeine. 
• Mild exercise.
• Dogs, specifically mine.
• A big emphasis on family.
• A giant group of friends I somehow call my team.  

Our factory is located in the heart of Manhattan’s jewelry district and the process could not happen without…

We are proudly entirely handmade in NYC since 1999, way before Made in America was even a thing. A team of 20 artisans and skilled crafts people cast, assemble, solder, polish, plate, string, cement and seal each piece with love and attention to detail every day.